Some old news:

The End of Eridge


The Trust has a final deadline of September 30th 2017 to vacate the site it has called home for the past 23 years.

We had hoped that 2017 would be a new horizon for us, sadly, our future is still uncertain and despite previous attempts to secure a new home we are back to square one and looking earnestly for alternative accommodation. The Eridge Estate is allowing us a further few months on site and we have begun another intensive publicity campaign to find a new home. If you can suggest a possible home for us all then contact us by telephone with the details. Here at Eridge we still need some help. It’s a huge job and many hands will make light work. Please call if you might have some time free.


We have a fantastic team here at the Working Horse Trust, however, none of us are getting any younger! We have a major challenge ahead with plenty of hard, physical work on top of the day to day matters of caring for our horses and meeting our work commitments. We desperately need to swell our ranks. Please spread the word or get in touch if you would like to join us as we head into an exciting future.

Thank You

We can’t thank enough those many, many people – from all over the country – who responded to our plight with sympathy, suggestions and offers of a potential new site or emergency shelter for the horses. Although it has been a horrible time for us we have been uplifted by the widespread concern for our fate and the lengths that everyone has gone to to support us in our search for a new home.The useful contacts that have been passed to us, the letters and phone calls made on our behalf, the positive support from the media and the efficiency of the ’grapevine’ have all made a major contribution to our campaign. Just as importantly the good wishes of our members and friends have kept our spirits up even when things were starting to look a bit bleak.
Our sincerest thanks to you all.

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